10+ Business opportunities in south africa you can start now

10 + business opportunities in south africa you can start with little or no money.

Telkom Re seller opportunity

Resell Telkom products and services to small businesses and high-value residential customers. Telkom will will take care of customer processing, while you handle the basic account management. You will receive commission and incentive bonuses for each line you successfully sign up.

Buy and sell bluetooth speakers as a business opportunities

Stock price each: minimum of R 80 each, and they can be sold for R160 or more. As more and more people buy smartphones and tablets, the global demand for Bluetooth speakers continues to rise. Not only are they growing in popularity, but these products have international appeal as well, and there are many potential niches to choose from. Plus, if you decide to start a bluetooth speaker business, you can potentially expand into other verticals within the electronics niche in the future. …..READ MORE

Dropshipping business opportunity

The biggest difference between dropshipping business and the standard retail model is that when it comes to dropshipping, the person marketing and selling the product doesn’t own the stock. In short, it’s designed so that you don’t have to house any inventory, and you don’t have to worry about any shipping costs or logistics.

In the drop shipping scenario:

  • (1) The customer pays you for the product.
  • (2) Only after you get the money from the customer, you pay the supplier to fulfill the order.
  • (3) The supplier sends the final product directly to the customer….read more

sell earphones and headphones for profit

Stock price each: minimum of R 13 each, and they can be sold for R30 or more. More advanced bluetooth earphones: You can buy for R46 and sell them for R150 or more. The headphone market has been growing steadily in the last couple of years and is projected to continue its growth well into the next decade. Headphones come in a variety of styles…read more

sell smartwatches and Wearables for profit

Stock price each: minimum of R 35 each, and they can be sold for R250 or more

Wearables and Smartwatches have become increasingly popular over the past few years. People wear them to track their physical activity, keep on top of their messages and notifications, or just to look cool! However, like phones, there are new Wearables coming out all the time with all kinds of exciting new features. No-one wants to be left behind, which is why this can be a very profitable business for you. read more

Earn 10% for sales made on Tshwaneline

Have you ever been in a situation where you tell a friend or someone about a really great shop where they can buy something they are looking for? In exchange you get a cut of the deal for setting up the connection.

Earn a minimum of R500 Per sale when you become Cupseng Sales Consultant

When you become a cupseng sales consultant, you will have the opportunity to sell a variety of Brick Making Machines and earn income based on the amount of product sold. As a Cupseng consultant you experience All the benefits of running your own business

How to Become an Uber Driver

Uber allows drivers to work their own hours and drive their own vehicles, charging a percentage of their earnings for using the company’s services and application.

Need an extra income? start your own vinyl system

Print custom Baby grows, tshirts and more ( easy to use setup & instantly start your own business)
Get complete setup and go business opportunity by making custom tshirt, baby grows and much more

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R 37,500 Call Centre Business Opportunity

We are experts in the Call Centre industry for several years now and now have decided to allow any individuals Call Centre Set Ups anywhere of their preference. New and existing Entrepreneurs now have the liberty of total guidance and mentorship with our Professional and Best Guidance.

tupperware Business opportunity

The general idea of a tupperware business opportunity is to buy Tupperware products, then sell them. You can also earn commissions from the efforts of those you recruit. For example, if you recruit Oratilwe and she recruits Nthabiseng, you will earn a small commission based on what they both sell or buy for themselves.


Maid4U is a premier training, recruitment and placement agency for domestic workers, nannies, au-pairs, cleaners and home-based care workers. The focus is on the creation of a safe and secured platform for household, SMMEs and retirement homes to sources reliable, screened and trained employees.

How to start a catering business in south africa

One of the fast growing small businesses in South Africa is catering. If you know how to cook great meals, and your family and friends have told you how much of a good cook you are, then chances are that, this might be a business for you.


Skipgo is the largest mini skip drop-and-collect service with more than 90 agencies throughout South Africa. Operators currently dispose of 20 000m³+ rubble per month responsibly. An investment of R239 000 includes a 3000kg GVM double axle trailer and ten 2m³ skips (R199 000), as well as the agency business pack for R40 000.

Starting an Internet cafe business in South Africa

An internet café is a place where one can surf the internet and email friends and family. Users pay a fee, usually per hour or minute. Internet Cafés have blossomed in South Africa because of broadband availability

Create-a-Book SA

The Create-a-Book concept is based on a lifetime licence that uses unique software to magically weave personal details into a variety of titles, enabling a child (or adult) to become the star of their very own story. The books, which include 18 full-colour illustrations, are provided to licensees unassembled, and are easy to assemble into a beautiful personalised storybook, with a durable long-lasting hard cover. 

Starting a Vending Machines Business

Why this can be one of the best small businesses you can start? Snacks and drinks are always in high demand when there is a gathering of people at an event, function or even expo. and requires no special skills or training, can be done part time.

No Betr Autoglass Repair Systems

As the industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of professional autoglass repair and restoration systems, No Betr Autoglass Repair Systems are designed to be operated by anyone, are completely portable so that entrepreneurs can work from anywhere and are packaged with everything needed to turn the investment into profit. And, with a one-day training session with one of the company’s experts, investors can start work immediately.

Business opportunity: party decor business

For as little as R35 000 , You can start an party decor business. This package includes the following

How to Start an Online Business in South Africa

If you’re ready to be in charge of your own destiny, but don’t have the capital to buy a franchise or open up a storefront, consider starting an online business. An online store alows you to reach millions of customers in south africa. You can also cover the hole world if you plan it correctly .

Bottle Craft

Bottle Craft SA is the manufacturer and supplier of bottle cutting kits, accessories and equipment. Bottle Craft SA offers the unique “Business-in-a-Box” kit for you to start your own business creating hand-made products from recycled glass

Albentha Fragrances

Albentha Fragrances offers a range of perfumes, lotions and bath salts, manufactured using pure essential Grade A oils imported from Grasse, France. Our products are distinctively coloured and inspired by South Africa’s rainbow nation, offering a fragrance for every mood, personality and occasion.

How to start a cleaning business in South Africa

If you’re looking for a low-cost business idea that you can get off the ground fairly quickly with minimal outlays then starting a cleaning business could be the perfect option for you. Cleaning industly consist of 2 market groups ” commercial and consumer ” .

Financing your business Equipments

Apply in minutes and receive funding in hours. No paperwork, no hidden fees and no branch visits.

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