Tupperware Business opportunity

tupperware business

What is tupperware?

Tupperware is a company founded in 1946 by Earl Tupper . They specialise in kitchenware solutions such as plastic storage containers.They distribute these products through MLM business system.

What is a MLM?

MLM is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of others they recruit, creating a downline of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation

Undastanding the tupperware business opportunity

The general idea is to buy Tupperware products yourself, then sell them. You can also earn commissions from the efforts of those you recruit. For example, if you recruit Oratilwe and she recruits Nthabiseng, you will earn a small commission based on what they both sell or buy for themselves.

Getting started?

To become a Tupperware sales consultant, you must first meet with a Tupperware distributor or consultant in your area who will assist you with signing up for the consultant program.

Tupperware contact details:

Tell: 0800 600 891 (toll free) Email: TupperwareCustomerServiceSA@Tupperware.com

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday  (8am – 4pm)

After signing up, you will be required to purchase a Tupperware starter kit that provides you with the materials you need to begin selling product. When you purchase the starter kit, you become a consultant and are automatically qualified to purchase the products at dealer’s price. This price is less than normal retail price so that you can make a profit  when you sell it to a customer. Inside your kitbag you get some Tupperware products sample, you will also get some vouchers that is your welcome gift.

Selling your Tupperware

The are a variety of sales methods for selling Tupperware products.

1. Selling tupperware online

If you choose to sell Tupperware online, you’ll be able to sell products to anyone throughout South Africa. You can make sales through your own personal website, on classified websites like Gumtree.co.za, OLX.co.za, Junkmail.co.za , or online shopping stores like bidorbuy.co.za .

Example Tupperware advertisement on gumtree( placing an advertisement is free )

Example Tupperware advertisement on Bidorbuy

There’s no risk involved, and listing an item is free. Only pay a small selling commission (success fee) once your item is sold. Sellers that have an online shopping cart can automate their listings on bidorbuy

2. Selling tupperware in your community:

You can put up flyers in community centers, churches, schools, and shops .

3. social media advertising

  • You can even use facebook to advertise yourself, it will allow you to reach out to people throughout the South Africa. You can also ask friends and peers to re-post your advertisements on facebook.

You can even make maney from your recruits:

  1. 3% from your first level recruit
  2. 2% from your second level recruit
  3. 1% from your third level recruiteferral

Types of business insurance in south africa

From the day an entrepreneur starts a business, he exposes himself to certain risks. Even before the first employee is hired, a business is at risk, making it important to have the right insurance in place.

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