best courier service for your business

Running a small business takes more than just hiring employees and ensuring everyone is doing their job. There are a lot of ins and outs that go on behind the scenes that many people don’t realize occur. A seemingly easy decision a small business must make is how to handle deliveries. Should someone in-house spend time away from the company to make deliveries or should a courier service be used? Well, here are 4 ways a small business will benefit from using a courier service.

Courier service Reduces vehicle expenses. Outsourcing your delivery and courier needs saves you money on vehicle expenses, such as maintenance, repairs and fuel. You no longer have to use your own or your company’s vehicles to manage deliveries. It’s a cost savings that you’ll realize almost immediately with reduced fuel purchases, as well as into the long term by eliminating maintenance and repairs.

Courier service Allows you to focus on your core competency. Using a courier allows you to focus on the core of your business—that is, what you do best, rather than worrying about deliveries, traffic and all of the stressors that come with managing your deliveries in-house and on your own.

Courier service Saves you money. Outsourcing to a courier for your business saves you all of the expenses and costs associated with using an employee for deliveries. This includes, but isn’t limited to, expenses such as: Payroll taxes, Overtime pay, Paid time off and sick time

Courier service Limits risk and liability. As a business owner, you already take on risk and liability in all areas of your business. By using a courier, you limit the risk and liability associated with accident claims, compared to using an in-house or staff member to handle deliveries.

Best courier service you can use for your business

S A Courier Systems (PTY) Ltd Address: Borcherds Quarry Rd, Airport Industria, Western Cape, 7490, South Africa, Cape Town.

Bike – It: Address: 46 Plantation Rd, Blue Hills, Midrand, 1685, South Africa, Gauteng.

Cape Couriers: Address: Edison Rd, Gately, East London, 5201, South Africa, Eastern Cape.

E P X Courier Services: Address: 202 A Jan Van Riebeeck St, Middelburg, Middelburg EC, 5900, South Africa, Eastern Cape.

 Express Way: Address: Unit20 Eagle Ind Pk, Alton North, Richards Bay, 3900, South Africa, Kwazulu Natal.

Courier It: Address: 117 Albert Rd, Walmer, Eastern Cape, 6070, South Africa, Port Elizabeth.

Diamond X-press: Address: 22 Fabricia Rd, Fabricia, Kimberley, 8301, South Africa, Northern Cape.

R T T Courier Service: Address: 20 Graham St, Albertynshof, Kimberley, 8301, South Africa, Northern Cape.

Time Freight: Address: 62 Sarel Cillier St, Volksrust, 2470, South Africa, Mpumalanga.

T N T Express Worldwide: Address: 146 Serenade Rd, Elandsfontein Tship, Gauteng, 1401, South Africa, Germiston.