How to start a cleaning business in South Africa

If you’re looking for a low-cost business idea that you can get off the ground fairly quickly with minimal outlays then starting a cleaning business could be the perfect option for you. Cleaning industly consist of 2 market groups ” commercial and consumer ” .

  • Consumer cleaning business – This market involves involve cleaning people’s homes. The consumer group is focused on the residential house cleaner services together with window cleaners and carpet cleaners
  • Commercial cleaning business – This market involves cleaning commercial properties. The commercial group focuses on cleaning services, which generally offer services such as window cleaning, bathroom and office cleaning on a daily basis.

Market research for your cleaning business

  • If you will be forcusing on consumer market, you’ll need to ensure that people in the local area are financially able to pay for someone else to do their domestic chores.
  • If you will be forcusing on commercial market, find out if there are enough viable contracts to win. Market research will also be key in determining your prices

Cleaning Business Supliers

The following are some of the companies which supply wholesale commercial and industrial cleaning products.

  1. Exitol ( cleaning Product list )
  2. Wetrok ( cleaning product list )
  3. blendwell ( cleaning product list )
  4. smi industrial ( cleaning product list )

Cleaning equipment that you will need

  1. consumer cleaning business: more often than not the equipment is provided by the households.
  2. Commercial cleaning business:If you’re thinking of launching it, there’s some basic equipment you’ll need to invest in

The following products are also provided by cleaningworld

  • trolleys
  • Professional vacuum cleaner
  • Sweeping machine

And a van: it is possible to hire a van for that day

Starting a business selling cleaning products in south africa

A business plan

How to write a business plan


Where to get Funding

Business registration

Types of businesses in south africa africa


How much it costs to buy a franchise in South Africa


Best courier service for your business

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