Fuel delivery service business

If you’re looking for a profitable business opportunity in South Africa, consider starting a fuel delivery service using flowbins. With load shedding becoming a common occurrence in South Africa, more and more people are turning to generators as a backup power source, making the need for fuel delivery services increasingly in demand.

Here are the steps to start a fuel delivery service business using flowbins:

  1. Research and obtain the necessary permits and licenses required to operate a fuel delivery service in your area. This may include obtaining a transportation permit, business registration, and obtaining the necessary certifications from the relevant authorities.
  2. Purchase or rent flowbins from a reputable supplier. TLStore is one such supplier that offers fully prepared flowbins that are ready for use in fuel delivery.
  3. Purchase a delivery vehicle, such as a van or truck, that is suitable for transporting flowbins safely and efficiently.

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