How to Start a Vending Machine Business in South Africa

Vending machine business can be one of the best small businesses you can start? Snacks and drinks are always in high demand when there is a gathering of people at an event, function or even expo. and requires no special skills or training, can be done part time.

Advantages of a vending machine business:

  • You can start with a few machines and expand your business as time and finances permit.
  • Aside from purchasing the machines (which can be financed), your capital costs are relatively low (you don’t need building or office space — some space in a garage, utility room or basement is sufficient). Other than a vehicle to service your route, no other equipment or machinery is required.

Decide on the vending machine type:

1. Candy and Soda vending machines

The standard vending machine comes to mind is one that offers candy, snacks and sodas for spare change. Other types of vending machines include gumball machines or smaller vending machines that only offer specific types of candies including chocolates, hard candies or candies with a toy.

2. Coffee vending machines

Some vending machines also offer freshly brewed coffee, hot chocolates or teas. These vending machines allow users to choose specific types of coffees for a given price and provides the cup, the coffee and milk or cream, if selected. Each vending machine offers a full coffee menu.

3. Office Supplies vending machines

Some vending machines offer products, such as office supplies. These types of vending machines are useful in scholastic settings, airports, libraries and career centers, where students may be looking for work. These vending machines provide pens, paper, UBS flash drives, notepads, pencil sharpeners, small staplers and mailing products, such as envelops and stamps.

Where can you buy new vending machines?

Companies below offer affordable vending machines




You can also get cheaper vending machines on, and . Keep in mind that all machines eventually break down, so you’ll need to either hire someone to repair them or learn to do so yourself.


Depending on how large your operation is, you’ll need a van to carry products from machine to machine. hiring a van is also an option you can look into.


Check out each site before you approach its owner. Look for a place that gets a lot of foot traffic, such as an airport, a parking lot, a shopping mall, a large office building, or a busy waiting room. Once you select a location, approach the owner and work out a deal.


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