ITHUBA Holdings RF (Pty) Ltd, the 3rd National Lottery Operator, is committed to ensuring that South African youth, particularly from previously disadvantaged communities, have access to quality education to bridge social divides. For the year 2024, ITHUBA is offering 100% bursaries to qualifying students, and applications are now open.

High-achieving Grade 12 learners are encouraged to apply for these comprehensive bursaries, covering academic tuition, technology equipment, stationery, study materials, accommodation, and a stipend.

The ITHUBA Bursary Programme welcomes applicants interested in pursuing studies in Commerce, including Accounting, Management Accounting & Finance, and Marketing, as well as Information Technology fields such as Computer Science/Engineering, Information Systems, Communication Networks, and Software Development.

Increasing skills in Commerce and Information Technology are crucial for addressing talent shortages, particularly in a country with high inequality rates like South Africa.

Charmaine Mabuza, CEO of Ithuba and co-founder of the ITHUBA Bursary Programme, emphasizes the program’s role in providing opportunities for tertiary education and fostering economic growth.

For the 2024 year, the ITHUBA Bursary Programme will award several learners with 100% bursaries, covering all expenses related to tuition, housing, textbooks, laptops, and a stipend.

Applicants must have obtained a minimum 70% average in each subject and a total average of 70% or above from the previous academic year. Required documents for submission include a certified copy of the applicant’s South African ID and legal guardian’s ID, proof of legal guardian’s income, latest academic results, provisional admission letter from a South African tertiary institution, provisional admission letter for accommodation, and a motivational letter explaining why the applicant deserves the bursary and their plans for community upliftment.

Mabuza underscores the importance of education in ITHUBA’s Corporate Social Investment initiatives, highlighting its significance in nurturing knowledge for a better future. Through this bursary programme, ITHUBA aims to promote academic growth and support individuals with the potential to improve their lives and contribute to community development.