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Pressing: Then, you have to go for pressing to squeeze out moisture. The main intention to press tissue is to make it dry and easy for it to enter next step of the process.

Creeping: Here pulp is processed through dryer heated by steam. This dryer helps in putting pulp process through creeping. Roller dries up the pulp with extreme heat as fine blades scrape the tissue to desired thickness

Toilet paper manufacturing machines

It’s most likely that you will need finance when setting up a toilet roll production business. The toilet roll production equipment is available in South Africa and ranges for a single machine from R175 000 for the bottom end of the range model to R500 000 for a fully automated machine.

Types of Machinery

  1. Core making cutting machine – This machine produces the brown cardboard core that the tissue is wrapped around.
  2. Jumbo reel winding machine– This machine winds the tissue paper from the jumbo reels to the cardboard core.
  3. Embossment attachments or embossing machines – Embossments are the prints on the surface of the tissue and the tissue roll can either be plain or embossed.
  4. Band saw cutting machine – This machine cuts the paper into the right side.

Companies selling toilet paper making machines

  1. diverse group
  2. zhauns
  3. Alibaba


You could even start in a smaller building and when you have increased your funds, upgrade your facilities into a bigger space. Make sure to take all of the costs into account when trying to finance your business. You’ll have to include raw material required to make the rolls. These are supplied in jumbo tissue rolls and cost from R6 600 per ton.


This type of business will require trained employees. It would be a definite advantage if you hired experienced operators or people experienced in similar industries. This will allow you to hit the ground running instead of slowly training your staff from scratch.

How to fund your Toilet Paper Manufacturing business?

You can finance your Toilet Paper Manufacturing business by any or all of the following ways:

  1. Fund your startup yourself.
  2. Pitch your needs to friends and family.
  3. Applying for a Business loan
  4. Finding your business through crowdfunding
  5. Apply to local angel investor

A business plan

How to write a business plan

Business registration

How to register your business

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