The Daily Coffee Cafe Franchise

The Daily Coffee Café Franchise Group is a fast-growing, truly South African coffee café franchise. It already has 23 coffee cafés established in South Africa. They are set to expand further nationally.

The Group has the distinction of being awarded the National Franchisor of the Year 2017 award by the National Small Business Chamber of South Africa (NSBC).  They have also received the NSBC’s South Africa Top 20 Small Business and Entrepreneurship Award for the same year.

  • A low initial financial outlay which offers a high return on investment.
  • Franchise fees are not fixed, but linked to turnover. It is therefore just as important for the franchisor as for the franchisee that the franchise is successful and profitable.
  • Turnkey start up with ready to go cafés from day one. This includes finding the best location, shopfitting, installing the equipment, as well as selecting and training of personnel.
  • Accounting systems that work.
  • Skills transfer and backup from the franchisor. Full-time support with franchise management only a phone call away.
  • Becoming part of the already in demand and growing The Daily Coffee Café brand.
  • Investing in a fast-growing industry where there is an increasing demand for first-class and branded coffee destinations.
  • Although franchise rules exist, the franchisee is allowed a certain degree of freedom to do and implement specifically what is to the advantage of the individual franchise.
  • The franchisor with its experience and authority is directly involved with each café’s lease and other negotiations.
  • Having a tenant who not only generates repeat business due to loyal clientele coming back for more, but with the same clientele also frequenting other shops in the shopping centre when they do so. (Our coffee cafés on average have 4500 visitors per month.)
  • Having an upmarket and aesthetically pleasing shop in the shopping centre adds to the overall ambience of the centre.
  • Accommodating a successful franchise business with a proven track record and a long term rental arrangement.
  • Dealing with a franchise group with strong principles and ethical values.
  • As the success of each franchise is of importance to the franchisor, the franchisor will step in in the unlikely event of a franchisee experiencing difficulties so as to ensure seamless continuation of the business and the rental agreement.
  • Each new franchise offers the franchisor an opportunity to offer The Daily Coffee Café experience to a wider clientele. Not only do they grow the business in doing so, but thet give the market what it’s asking for – branded lifestyle coffee destinations.
  • The franchisee’s success is their success.

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