starting a bottled water business in south africa

1.  Market Research
It’s important to do a market research for your bottled water business. Market research is the process of learning about your potential customers. Who are they? What are their buying and shopping habits? How many of them are there? You could carry out a research about the different competitors in the area you are about to start your business. Find out about their target customers, offers and pricing, so that you would get an idea on how to go about doing business.
2. Write a business plan 

The first step in writing an effective business plan for your bottled water business is to understand what a business plan is, what type if information is contained in a business plan. And also to understand what the benefit of a business plan is to you as an aspiring entrepreneur. Find out how to write a business plan click here

3. Register your bottled water business
You would also need to register your business name, obtain a bottled water production business license. For step by step guide on how to register your business click here
4. Registration with health regulatory agencies
If you are starting your bottled water company, you will need to register, obtain a license before you can be allowed to operate your business. For those in South Africa, the SANBWA is the government agency that is responsible for giving out licenses for water related businesses.

5. You need a place to operate

Depending on how much financial resource at your disposal, you may decide to build your own bottled water factory or rent out a space but if you decide to rent, you must ensure that the facility is neat and conducive and not shared with any residential building.

6. Get a Bottle Supplier  

Finding a suitable bottle supplier is the next procedure to follow. Before you become a member with them, make sure the company that is going to supply the bottles to you is a member of the International bottled water association.

List of Bottle Suppliers in south africa

  1. bonpak
  2. plastix portal
  3. mpact
  4. nioro
  5. snvplastics

7. Machinery and Other Accessories  

Your next step is the machinery and other important accessories that are required to start a water purification unit. Here is a list of the items you would need in your unit.

  • Water supply
  • Storage tanks
  • Generating set/power supply
  • Filters and Water treatment machines
  • Water filling machines
  • Water dispensers and sterilizers
  • Bottle loaders, conveyors, and sealers
  • Labels
  • A website
  • Trucks that are needed for the distribution of water.

How to fund your business?

You can finance your business by any or all of the following ways:

  1. Fund your startup yourself.
  2. Pitch your needs to friends and family.
  3. Applying for a Business loan
  4. Finding your business through crowdfunding
  5. Apply to local angel investor

Investors invest into things that they know and understand, only talk to investors who know your industry. Conversations with anyone else are unlikely to be productive. You also want to do some research into your investor. To fnd out What does an investor really want to see from your business pitch read more

Water Purification Franchise Option

Another option would be to go with a franchise. Going with a franchise has a good advantage since you don’t have to work hard for building a brand image and marketing. Since your water is already a branded one, people will buy your product easily as it is a trusted brand.

List of bottled water franchise in South Africa 

  1. puritech
  2. puritech
  3. puritech

List of companies you can buy equipments for your bottled water business

  1. 4upurewater