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How to fund your business?

You can finance your business by any or all of the following ways:

  1. Fund your startup yourself.
  2. Pitch your needs to friends and family.
  3. Applying for a Business loan
  4. Finding your business through crowdfunding
  5. Apply to local angel investor

Investors invest into things that they know and understand, only talk to investors who know your industry. Conversations with anyone else are unlikely to be productive. You also want to do some research into your investor. To fnd out What does an investor really want to see from your business pitch read more

Water Purification Franchise Option

Another option would be to go with a franchise. Going with a franchise has a good advantage since you don’t have to work hard for building a brand image and marketing. Since your water is already a branded one, people will buy your product easily as it is a trusted brand.

List of bottled water franchise in South Africa 

  1. puritech
  2. puritech
  3. puritech

List of companies you can buy equipments for your bottled water business

  1. 4upurewater