Spur Corporation operates predominantly as a franchise operation, with each individual outlet owned and operated by independent franchisees. This model encourages entrepreneurship and business success. The group provides a full range of ongoing Head Office support systems including Operations, Marketing, Procurement Support, Business Intelligence, Information Technology, Accounting and Administration. The operation management teams visit each restaurant at least once a month to perform inspections and assess the restaurant operations against predetermined standards. This covers everything from food safety, operational efficiencies and sustainability reporting to regulatory compliance. The development team manages the new franchisee process, from franchisee and site selection to store opening. They are also responsible for store relocations and refurbishments. These experienced, brand-specific teams provide ongoing support to franchisees through:

  • Providing tools to help manage the business efficiently and successfully.
  • Actively assist franchisees through operational assistance and continuous training.
  • Marketing support through the proactive identification of marketing opportunities and assistance in developing and implementing bespoke marketing plans for each restaurant.
  • Upholding the brand and product standards.
  • Sustainable management of resources and waste management.

The group aims to improve customer satisfaction and to increase sales and profitability through creative brand management and innovative product development, operational efficiencies, market research, advertising, sales promotions and public relations – all of which are at franchisees’ disposal. Initial conceptualising, design implementation and regular, in-store promotions and sponsorships as well as the co-ordination of various sporting and community-orientated events all take place in a coordinated manner through the group. The franchisee training programme includes a variety of modules across all areas of operations, while the induction and training programmes ensure every franchisee is trained to the highest standards, making day-to-day operation of stores as easy as possible.

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