Retrosol Business in solar energy

Eskom Increases make our business simpler, easier and more profitable!

  • Fill a critical shortage for professional solar consulting.
  • Become a leader in the new low carbon economy.
  • Take advantage of solar rebates, & government incentives to help to drive sales

InvestmentAlthough the initial fee for a Retrosol Solar Consultant Agency is R39,750.00 plus vat, you are only required to settle the training fee upfront, which is R4750.00 plus vat. The balance is only due within 48 after you have completed our solar entrepreneur training programme if you share our vision.


We believe that a key success factor in owning a Retrosol franchise is that all franchisees are owner-operated. In other words, you have to run the business yourself because it is not a business in which to invest if you want to employ a manager to run it on your behalf.


All Retrosol , all franchises within the network are encouraged to attend quarterly business workshops in order to assist the network in developing new strategies and ideas with regards to technical, marketing and business skills.

Income Potential

The key to the success of the Retrosol franchise model is the support and collaboration of the proven system. Following the Retrosol System for Success, we guarantee our partners can generate R 120,000.00 gross profit per month by focusing on the principles outlined in our Skyskills programme.


James McCallum has an intimate knowledge of the opportunities and challenges within the local sector. After founding Solartech in 2004, James grew the company into the largest solar water heating consultancy in Africa. Under his leadership, Solartech emerged as one of South Africa’s leading carbon reduction mechanisms, offsetting more than 1 million tons of Co2 through the installation of over 13,000 solar water heating systems between 2006 and 2012.

Lead Generation

Potential clients will be encouraged to request a quote directly from you, based on the location of the enquiry through your personalised websites. Currently Google statistics indicate ever increasing searches per month for the term “Solar Energy”.


Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban like other major cities, are grappling with a high carbon footprint that requires we all participate in proactive initiatives to encourage the implementation of renewable energy. Studies show that there are 3,920,000 electric hot water cylinders in private properties across the country, where residents would benefit from replacing them with solar geysers.


  1. Retrosol offers the independence of small business ownership supported by the benefits of a big business network.
  2. You don’t need business experience to run a Retrosol franchise; we provide the training you need to operate our business model.
  3. Retrosol franchises have a higher rate of success than start-up businesses.
  4. You don’t need to secure finance for a Retrosol franchise. At R 57,750.00 it’s the most affordable franchise of its kind in SA.
  5. Retrosol have an established reputation and image, proven management and work practices, access to regional advertising and on-going support structures.

Fill in the simple form and Rerosol we’ll do the rest.