Part time business Bidorbuy affiliate programme

The Affiliate Program: BidorBuy has a unique approach and creates an opportunity to build a passive income stream through the affiliate program. Once someone signs up through your referral link and makes a bid or a purchase within 60 days they will become your confirmed referral (lifetime or as long as they have their account) and you will earn a small commission every time they place a bid. Which means the more people you refer and the more they shop on the site, the more passive income you will earn each month.

By choosing a product or service in a small niche market where rate the more you get rewarded. Affiliates are compensated based on three criteria:

  • A fee paid per Confirmed Registered User* (on a tiered scale i.e. the more users referred the higher the fee paid per user).
  • A fee paid per click resulting directly in a Bid** (within the same session).
  • A fee paid per user that signs up

Monthly Active Registration Tiers
1 – 19 Users: R40.00 per user
20 – 49 Users: R50.00 per user
50 – 249 Users: R60.00 per user
250 – 499 Users: R70.00 per user
500 – 999 Users: R80.00 per user
1000+ Users: R100.00 per user

A Confirmed Registered User is one that registers and performs a specific action within 60 days: places a bid on an auction, buys something at a fixed price, or responds to a classified ad.

Monthly Bid Tiers
1 – 249 Bids: R0.40 per Bid
250 – 999 Bids: R0.50 per Bid
1000 – 4999 Bids: R0.60 per Bid
5000 – 9999 Bids: R0.80 per Bid
10000+ Bids: R1.00 per Bid


For example if in any given month an affiliate referred 70 Confirmed Registered Users, 300 Bids and 5 users to Selling Seminars then you would receive (70 x R60) + (300 x R0.50) + (5 x R50) = R6,700.

How to register?