mrkruger franchise

Mr Kruger is a successful gold exchange business, founded in 2014. The performance of the first Mr Kruger-branded outlets has clearly demonstrated that in the prevailing market conditions, there is a real need for the services we offer. In the face of a continuing erosion of faith in paper currencies, gold represents not only an ideal hedge against falling currency values and rising inflation, but also an outstanding business opportunity for the right Franchisee. As a Mr Kruger Franchisee, operating a reputable gold exchange business with the backing of a powerful, established brand, you will be well placed to profit from investor behaviour whether gold is being bought or sold.

Why become a Mr Kruger franchisee?

As a Mr Kruger Franchisee, you will benefit from an exceptionally well-supported business opportunity, backed by a superb reputation. Credibility is the golden thread that runs through our business, and will support yours

Prior to, and throughout, your time as a Mr Kruger Franchise:

  • A genuine Franchise investment opportunity with a proven business model and strong revenue streams;
  • A strong, recognised brand which has recently been refreshed and updated to give it broader appeal, and increased visibility.
  • Enhanced status as an Official Partner of The South African Mint and Rand Refinery; a Member of the Jewellery Council of SA; and a Member of the South African Association of Numismatics Dealers.
  • Exactly the kind of prestigious business that the landlords of high-end malls are keen to attract;
  • A rigorous Franchisee selection process, ensuring the integrity of the brand and its operations;
  • The full support of the Franchisor at every stage of the process of becoming a Franchisee;
  • The Franchisor’s extensive experience and deep expertise;
  • Assistance with selecting optimum premises for your Mr Kruger Franchise operation.
  • A detailed, five-year Franchise Agreement as evidence of the franchisor’s long-term commitment to your Franchise, and belief in your ability to make a success of it;

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