Make money safely renting out your car

One way you can make money renting out your car is joining Rentmycar. What is rentmyride? rentmyride is South Africa’s first neighbor-to-neighbor car rental platform. The website makes it possible for anyone to run a small side-business by renting out their own car. It possible to make anything from R2500 to R11 000 a month from a single vehicle.

Renters can save at up to 40% compared to regular car rental companies and they have the wider selection of choice. Renting out your own car can be a daunting thought at first, but RentMyRide makes it easy and safe. Their 10 million rand insurance policy which includes 24/7 roadside assistance should put your mind at ease.  Owners control who they rent to and can accept or deny a booking request. Once a rental is complete, owners and renters can review their experience for future user’s benefit.

How to join rentmyride?

Follow the following steps to join rentmycar:

Go to to register. You also need to have your car pictures available, as you will have upload them.

After listing your car, rentmyride will automatically suggest a daily rate that you should rent your car out for. They have a guideline price that has been carefully formulated to provide value for both the renters and owners, but if this isnt good for you, then change it within limits.

 Advertise your car
Sell its features and what makes your car great and stand out from the rest. Add some stunning photos showing potential renters why your car is right for them. You get a unique link that you can advertise on social media and use other streams to drive traffic to your vehicle and again increase the likelihood of renting your car.