Requirements for opening a creche

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Below you will find a summary of Requirements for opening a creche. To make sure all criteria are met and licenses are obtained, you may consider contracting a lawyer and insurer to make an assessment and give you advice. To run your business effectively, you must have:

  • A safe playground
  • Insurance
  • Compliance: Once you are set up, the local authority will come assess the premises and the playground. The Medical Officer of Health will issue you with an Environmental Health Permit for the playground.
  • To serve food, you will need a Certificate of Compliance for Food Preparation.

Inspections by your local official of the Department of Social Development can be made without notice to assess whether you are complying with the relevant regulations.

It’s important that you make sure you know exactly what is required in terms of all the legalities of setting up a business in childcare. Contact your local authority and the Department of Health for information.

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