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Rules, regulations and licenses for starting a daycare

If you are going to accommodate six or more children, you have to register your business with your local municipality, who follows the rules set out by the Department of Social Development. When reviewing your application, the local Council can impose conditions and restrictions as it sees fit.

The structural regulations for setting up a crèche/nursery school/day-care state the following:

  • Office, staff room and sick bay: If there are more than 30 children in the school, there must be a room that can be divided into a sick bay that can accommodate two children. The same room can also be used as a staff room.
  • Indoor play area: There must be an indoor area that covers 1.8 square meters of floor space per child, which can be used for play, meals and rest.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen must have suitable cooking and washing facilities, separate from the play area. There must be enough natural lighting and ventilation, and walls should be smooth and painted with washable paint.
  • Bathrooms: There must be one toilet and hand washing area for every 20 children under the age of five. The same goes for children over the age of five, but girls’ bathroom must be separate from the boys’. There must be hot and cold water at the basins. Potties must be emptied, cleaned and disinfected.
  • Outdoor play area: An outdoor play area must provide at least two square meters of space per child. The area must have shady parts, be fenced off and have approved lockable gates. The area must also be free of excavations, dangerous steps and levels.
  • General: The crèche must keep a health register.

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