How to Start an Auto Glass Installation Business in south africa

Auto glass installers replace or repair vehicle windshields that have been damaged in an accident or by debris.  What do you have to do, to start an Auto Glass Installation Business in South Africa?

1. Learn Installation Skills

Develop the skills needed to install replacement windshields or repair damage to existing windshields by taking a course offered by a local technical college or windshield-supply company. Below you will find a list of companies that offers  Auto Glass Installation training:

  1. Auto Screenz

Autoscreenz™ Certificate Course Name

  1. Windscreen Chip Repair Training (Basic Theory Course) – R950,00
  2. Windscreen Replacement Theory Course – R2 499,00
  3. Windscreen Chip Repair and Headlight Restoration Course – R3 899,00
  4. Headlight Restoration Repair Training (Basic Theory Course) – R950,00
  5. Windscreen Replacement Course Theory and Practical + Tool Kit and Consumables including Chip Repair Tools and training – R27 500,00
  6. Windscreen Chip Repair Practical Training Course – R1 999,00
  7. Windscreen Replacement Course Theory and Practical + Tool Kit and Consumables, – R19 500,00
  8. Headlight Restoration Practical Training Course – R1 999,00
  9. Windscreen Replacement Course Theory and Practical – R9 950,00
  10. Windscreen Chip and Crack repair course + TOOLKIT and consumables – R8 495,00
  11. Headlight Restoration training course + TOOLKIT and consumables – R6 495,00

2. kling shield

The Training Academy for installations of window film to car windows is provided by Klingshield at their Head Office in Johannesburg every week,for all new agents and existing agents who require to train new installers.
Furthermore the company also offers training for flat glass installations.  This training is carried out by our Installations Manager, Job Mojopela.  The training is done in real live situations at our tinting centre and not in a simulated training school as other companies do.  Klingshield focuses on real strong practical training and learners can either practice on their own cars or on our company cars, over and over again until they perfect it. The company has recently expanded it’s training to cover selling, marketing, advertising and business administration.

2. Tools

You need Tools to carry out repairs and replacements, as well as a list of companies that can supply replacement windshields for different vehicle models.

List of tools suppliers in south africa

  1. euroclips

Euro Clips (Pty) Ltd

Address: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South-Africa

Mobile: +27 83-627-0102 Email:

2.  euroclips

121 Fleming Road Cnr. Koornhof Meadowdale Germiston.
Call us on 010 010 6800.
Edenvale: 010 010 6800
JHB: 010 597 6650

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