How to Start a Rental Table and Chair Business in south africa

Starting a tent, table, and chair rental business is a great way to generate revenue and all year long. Tent rentals tend to be a dynamic business; often operating without a storefront, rental companies perform all services at the customer location.

1. Develop a Business Plan

The first step towards running this business is to draw up a business plan. A business plan is a formal document that details the goals of a business, the strategy that will be used to achieve those goals. The purpose of writing a business plan is to provide you, the entrepreneur with a crystal clear picture of the likelihood of success for your business in a rapid and ever fluctuating dynamic business environment…( how to write a business plan ) read more

2. Capital

Most of your capital will be spent on buying tents, chairs and a means of transportation to get the tents to your Customer’s location.  Below you will find a list of  good ways you can use to raise the capital.

You can finance your business by any or all of the following ways:

  1. Fund your startup yourself.
  2. Pitch your needs to friends and family.
  3. Applying for a Business loan
  4. Finding your business through crowdfunding
  5. Apply to local angel investor

3. Purchase Your Tents: The average cost of a brand new tent is about R 5 000 or more for bigger sized tents that will accommodate more people. Below you will find a list of companies selling tents:

  1. Tents for Africa
  2. Tents for africa
  3. Appetit

4. Means of Transportation-: You need to get a Van that would serve as a means of transporting the tents to the Customer’s location.

5. Additional Services

As time goes on, you can incorporate additional services to your tent rental business to make some extra money. Event planners and Party organizers do not only need tents to organize their events, they also need tables and chairs.

party decor business starter pack 

For as little as R35 000 , You can start an party decor business. This package includes the following :

Business registration

How to register your business