How to Start a Battery Recycling Business in South Africa

Why Start a Battery Recycling & Reconditioning Business?

Every electrical and electronic devices make use of batteries, Whichever purpose the battery serves,  at the end of the battery’s life cycle the owner will simply throw it away.

What is battery recycling ?

Battery recycling can be described as crushing old batteries into pieces and then using the new pieces to make a new battery.

What is required to start and running a Battery Recycling Business in South Africa?

Step one: types of batteries

Which types of batteries you want to work with. Some battery recycling businesses limit the types of batteries they accept, such as only cell phone batteries or computer batteries. Determine if you want to specialize in specific batteries or if you want to operate the business as more of a general battery recycling business.

Step two: Business plan

On your business plan, describe the different aspects of your business, including start-up and operating costs, the source of funding for starting and operating the business until it becomes self-sufficient, the location of your business (home office or a rented space), the marketing plan, a description of your ideal customers and your projected income from recycling batteries…. read more on how to write a business plan

Step three: Business registration 

Find out how to register your business  on the cipc website click here

Step four: Battery recycling centers

Establish accounts with approved battery recycling centers. Recycling centers exist around the country, contact them, to find out how much the center charges you to recycle the batteries. Below you will find a list of recycling centers in south africa.

We offer a pick-up service for your Lead-Acid batteries.

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STEP FIVE: Identify your target market.

Determine which customers are most likely to use your recycling business. For example, you may decide to focus your efforts on electronic businesses that are willing to pay your business to handle the recycling of their batteries. You may also choose to target automotive businesses or cell phone retailers.

Step six : battery collection plan

Create a battery collection plan. Depending on your target customers, determine how you intend to collect batteries from your target market. This may entail installing collection bins in your customers’ locations and creating a pick-up schedule once a week. You may also decide to create packaging for customers to ship the batteries to your business location or directly to the business recycling center.

Step Seven: marketing

7. Create and implement marketing campaigns to attract customers. Create email marketing campaigns, place online banner ads and send out marketing postcards to businesses and customers that fit into your target market. Creating and implementing marketing campaigns should include online and offline efforts that permit you to get your battery recycling business information in front of the customers who are most likely to use your services…read more ( marketing your business )

Financing Your Battery Recycling and Reconditioning Business

Finance is a major deal when it comes to starting a business because it determines how far your business can achieve its goals and objectives. Some of the financing options that are available for the entrepreneur looking to start a battery recycling and reconditioning business include;