How to register your business

Below you will find a step by step guide on how you register your business in

step one: go to

Go to and register as a new customer OR go to

step 2

Follow every step starting from this window. Make a note of your 6 character customer ID as you will use this a lot in future.step-1-registering-your-business

Step 3

Once you have registered, you need to transfer funds into cipc account.

The following payment options exist:

  • Electronic deposit (EFT): You only need to quote your customer code in the reference field. The date and sequence number are not required.
  • Any ABSA bank: You need to quote your customer code, The deposited amount will be reflected within one hour of being deposited
  • Any other bank: Allow 2-3 days for funds to be allocated. Customers are strongly advised to deposit money at an ABSA bank as it ensures that the deposited money is reflected in the customer’s account within an hour.

Here is the link with the bank details click here . You will need to deposit R50 to Reserve a Company Name and then another R100 to register your Company.

step 4

Once you have logged in and the funds reflect, click on Name Reservation. follow every steps from this window.


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