Fastway Courier service franchise 

Fastway Couriers is the world’s largest courier franchise that has operations in South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia and Northern Ireland.

There are three distinct franchise opportunities : Regional, Courier franchises and an Agency license.

  • Regional Franchises: As at May 2017 all Regional Franchises have been sold. Enquire about resales.
  • Courier Franchise: We have both new and existing courier franchise territories available for sale around South Africa. Some of the new courier franchise territories come with revenue support for a defined period while you work to build the business. Existing franchise territories have an established customer and revenue base, ready for you to get started.
  • Agencies: If you have an existing retail outlet and wish to offer outbound and inbound courier sales, the investment is approximately R9,500 (excl). Simple web-based system that will enable you to generate a new income system.

Finance Details

The investment required for a Fastway Courier Franchise ranges from R50,000 upwards depending on the cost of the franchise area and the price of the vehicle used.

The investment consists of:

  • A vehicle
  • The fee for the franchise territory (range from R45 000 upwards.)
  • Training fee (R5,000 once off per territory)
  • Handheld scanner
  • Uniform
  • Marketing material etc.

A list of items will be provided on request.

What is the cost of a Regional Franchise?

This is dependent on the asking price by the current owner, enquire about resales.

What is the cost of a Courier Franchise?

The investment required for a Courier Franchise ranges from R50,000 upwards depending on the cost of the franchise area, and the price of the vehicle used

You will need sufficient funds to pay for a vehicle, the fee for the franchise territory, training, handheld scanner, uniform, marketing material etc. You would also have an amount in reserve for working capital. A list of items will be provided on request.

A Courier Franchisee is granted an exclusive territory. The territory is granted in perpetuity. As the business develops portions of the territory can be split and sold to create a capital gain. There are no ongoing royalties or fees. There are established territories for sale in all existing Regional franchises. Fastway currently have over 250 franchisees in South Africa

The cost of Fastway Courier Franchise territories range from R50 000 upwards.

  • Training: Once -off training fee of R5,000 per territory.
  • Approximate total start-up costs: Range from R90,000 upwards dependent on the cost of the territory and the value of the vehicle purchased. A late model, long wheel base white van with a large cubic metre capacity is to be provided by the Courier Franchise.

What is the cost of a Agency License?

The total investment is approximately R9,500 (excl). This includes a printer, scale, point of sale material, stock and set-up fee.

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