Dropshipping Suppliers in South Africa

Okay, so how to find those suppliers:

1. Think local

Thinking local is my first recommendation, purely because it’s the most manageable solution, and in most cases it makes keeping in touch with the supplier easier.

Specialized drop shopping companies found on the web are great for what they are – and we’ll talk about them in just a minute – but they might not necessarily be the top choice for your specific niche or market.

Sometimes, or rather oftentimes, you might find local vendors willing to drop-ship to your customers if you just have a conversation with them and offer them a good deal.

For example, there’s this home-based bakery in my local area that, over the years, has transitioned to the role of a drop shipping supplier. Basically, they started by baking awesome cakes and wholesaling them to local cafes, where they were sold by piece (standard model).

But then, those cafes noticed that the customers loved those cakes so much that they started asking how they can get them whole. So the cafes started collecting orders from the customers, and sending them over to the bakery.

In that model, the cafes get the order, get the payment from the customer, then buy the cake from the bakery, and then the bakery delivers that cake to the customer’s doorstep. Classic drop shipping.

This is just one example, and it might not be applicable to your specific situation, but I hope you can see that the possibilities are really endless with local businesses.

The easiest way to begin would be to think how you can arrange a deal with a local supplier, which would eventually let them sell their products to a larger audience through your online store.

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