Clockwork Empowerment Fund Bursary Applications 2023

Clockwork is dedicated to transforming lives through education, and is pleased to announce the opening of applications for young students aspiring to further their education through fully funded bursaries.

About the Fund: The Clockwork Empowerment Fund allocates a portion of company profits annually to sponsor the bursaries of three to five deserving young female students. These bursaries cover degrees and diplomas in the Marketing and Advertising sector, enabling recipients to pursue courses at their chosen educational institutions.

Application Process: Applicants are encouraged to apply based on their academic history and personal drive for higher education. Submissions include a 30-second video explaining why they should be selected, a motivation letter, grade 12 results, a course and accommodation cost estimate, and a copy of their ID. Applications should be emailed to by 4 February 2023.

Selection Process: Applications undergo thorough review and adjudication by the non-profit board, ensuring fairness and transparency in the selection process.

Continued Support: Clockwork not only provides financial support for students’ studies but also offers ongoing guidance and mentorship to ensure their academic success. Priority is given to previous recipients for continued support until graduation. Graduates are then considered for internships or entry-level positions within the company.

Words from Clockwork: Andre Potgieter, Senior HR Manager at Clockwork, emphasizes the importance of the Empowerment Fund in breaking down barriers and empowering youth to pursue their career aspirations. He expresses gratitude for being part of a process that prioritizes youth empowerment through profit allocation.

Clockwork’s commitment to nurturing talent and facilitating access to education underscores its dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of young individuals.