body20 franhise opportunities

Body20 is leading the EMS fitness revolution and offering franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs in one of the fastest growing industries within the franchising sector. Body 20 offers a low-staffing business model, with fast break evens and impressive returns.

EMS stands for Electro Muscle Stimulation and with Body20 EMS powered by Miha Bodytec we help you capitalise on one of the fastest growing fitness movements globally. Your very own Body20 Franchise will cost you from as little as R670k including all of your equipment, aesthetic fit-out, signage, marketing, training and franchisee support.

Body 20 helps franchisees set up their own Body20 EMS Studios to capture huge customer demand and also supplies systems and support to ensure ongoing success. The combination of state of the art EMS Technology, modern personal training and rapid fitness results makes Body20 the most exciting franchise opportunity in fitness this decade.

The appeal of a stronger, fitter you in only 20 minutes per week attracts potential members, while the expertly designed layout of each club appeals to investors by utilising space and resources efficiently, so that owners are not paying for space and utilities that go unused. Along with the strategic membership price, Body20 retains members through additional offerings, which provides owners with multiple revenue streams.

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