Business ideas in South Africa


Running your own business is a rewarding but engaging career and life choice. It demands your time and focus. Start by expecting to live your work until it is established so it can get off the ground.

The following are steps that you can take to start your own business.

Step 1: First of all you need a business idea, you will find a list of this ideas at the end of this lesson.
Step 2:  Write down a business plan. It does not have to be a ten to hundreds of pages. just make share that you include the following :-
* how much you can charge for your product/service
* how much it will cost to produce or deliver (include variable & fixed costs),
* and the size of your potential market (i.e. number of customers).
And evaluate your competitors: -
* how many competitors are there.
* how strong are they,
* where are they and  how will you compete.
Step 3 ; Determine if you need financing.
Step 4: Move forward and get started. Easy as that!

Running your own business is very time-consuming. You can rarely leave business because you are the boss there.
Be sure to carve out time for yourself. Make sure you stick with an exercise program or build in time to see your family.

List of Business ideas that you can start in South Africa

Prepaid airtime business in South Africa
In this category you will find tips about starting a prepaid airtime business

Courier Business in South Africa
In this category you will find courier franchise opportunities that are available in South Africa 
Find a list of fish and chips business franchises in South Africa


The are a list of retail businesses that are available in South Africa. find out more


Home Based Businesses

In this category you will find a list of home based businesses that you can start


online business in South Africa

Find a list of online businesses in SA

Find a business opportunity in the clothing industry. Truewords is one company that offers this business opportunity in South Africa. find out more


plumbing business

Car Wash Business 

Property Business opportunity

Restaurant Business

Mechanic Business


Battery Business


Career path

Do you still have no idea which career path you want to follow?  Find out more about career path you can follow.


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