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Taking a career in Pharmacy

Pharmacists are responsible for:
the quality of medicines supplied to patients
ensuring that the supply of medicines is within the law
ensuring that the medicines prescribed to patients are suitable
advising patients about medicines, including how to take them, what reactions may occur and answering patients' questions.

Pharmacists also:

supervise the medicines supply chain and ensure pharmacy premises and systems are fit for purpose
advise other healthcare professionals about safe and effective medicines use, and safe and secure supply of medicines
respond to patients' symptoms and advise on medicines for sale in pharmacies
provide services to patients, such as smoking cessation, blood pressure measurement and cholesterol management
supervise the production and preparation of medicines and assessments of quality of medicines before they are supplied to patients from pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Where do pharmacists work?

Pharmacists work in many different work environments. These include:
Community pharmacies (sometimes called retail or high street pharmacy) and hospitals. Most pharmacists work in community and hospital pharmacy
Pharmaceutical production or sales in the pharmaceutical industry
Prisons, primary care organizations, universities in teaching and research, the military, veterinary pharmacy and pharmacy organizations.



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