LLB and Law Bursaries for 2015 in South Africa

First LLB Law Bursary

   Second LLB Law Bursary

  3th LLB Law Bursary



LLB Law career fields 

In embracing the study of law, you will be challenged by one of the oldest and most rewarding disciplines that has ever been practiced. Legal training develops knowledge of law and lawyering skills, including the capacity to undertake lucid and logical expression. It opens the door to the practice of law in the public or private sector, as well as to a wide range of related careers.

Corporate Lawyer
Legal Administration Officer
Legal Risk Manager
Legal Adviser/Consultant


Insurance Claims Assessor/Manager
Credit Control Manager
Human Resources/Industrial Relations Specialist/Manager
Regulatory Affairs Manager
Senior Law Enforcement Professional
Forensic Investigations Professional.


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