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Do you know the different areas of work in IT?

All businesses use information technology and many employ

graduates in IT and technology-related roles. Here are some of the

main technology business sectors in which you could start your

graduate career:
• Financial services IT
• Financial software development



• Games development
• Hardware development
• Industry and manufacturing IT
• Investment banking technology
• IT outsourcing
• IT services
• Niche software houses and consultancies
• Professional services IT
• Public sector IT
• Retail IT
• Technology consulting
• Telecommunications IT
• Web development and e-commerce


What is working life in IT like?

There are so many different jobs in IT that it's impossible to describe a typical working day.You'll spend time with your computer, like professionals in most business sectors do these days. Many jobs in IT involve working as part of a team and liaising with clients or external organisations such as suppliers and vendors.

IT companies generally promote an attractive work environment. Many have good onsite facilities, such as cafes, gyms, and even Xbox pods. If you're involved in IT consulting, you're likely to spend a good proportion of your time at client sites.
IT companies tend to use the latest technology in daily activities. However, while your employer might have state of the art blade server rooms, many end-user organisations and clients may still use enormous legacy systems!

You may work longer hours when deadlines loom, but IT employers try to make up for this in other ways, sometimes ordering takeaways to keep you going. The IT sector is a pioneer of technology that promotes home and mobile working, so you may find that employers have good flexible working policies.

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